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Awarded „New book-hawker 2005“ contest winners

The rise of „New book-hawker “ contest and growing popularity influence people demand fast and easily find needful information in big information flush. Contest is stimulating newest and consummate presentation ways. Contest participants – people, communities’ initiative and internet derivation, which advantage with big input to informative public development in Lithuania.

Project estimation commission, which consisyed of 11 members, which representative ministries, universities, media and business companies, evaluate the bests Lithuanian electronic purport projects in five categories. This year to “New book-hawker” contest was proposed 63 participants’ request.

Information society development committee under the Government of Republic of Lithuania with Northtown Technology Park presents “New book-hawker 2005” contest winners in five categories:
1. “To people useful decisions in internet” category became a winner Vilnius municipality public Centre outpatient clinic internet patient registration webpage The main purpose of this internet site is to spread electronically facilities and public render them to Vilnius and region people.
2. “Digital parting reduction initiative” category became a winner Panevezys district municipality public library webpage The main purpose of this project – computerize districts libraries, develop access to internet and give a chance as many as posible district people have a oportunity learn computer literacy.
3. “Business and science cooperation initiatives” category became a winner – State Road Transport Inspectorate under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which presents a project (, about digital tachograph system implementation in Lithuania. One of the main purposes of this project is to make equal competition conditions to all roads transport carrier.
4. In “Information technologies usage in education and adults teaching” category - Public company "Baltic social centre of information technologies and education" scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.LT, creating database of lithuanian scientific, public relations, mass media and other national resources and representing Lithuanian scientific projects not only for Lithuania people, but inform about them and international community.
5. „The best man in information society national measure“ awarded Alliance „Window to the future“ director Loreta Križinauskienė, which initiate people training computer literacy, how to use internet series and give a lead to institutions – national and private – to futher to raise people computer literacy level.
„The best man in information society regional measure“ awarded doc. Eugenijus Jovaiša – cd‘s „Look to the Golden age“, „Lithuania before Mindaugas“, „Native history“ and others author, project head and co – author.

Information society development committee under the Government of Republic of Lithuania